Vancouver Sun: Jillian Harris Dishes on her New Etsy Summer Collection 

Jillian Harris knows a thing or two about living a curated life.

On a daily basis, the tastemaker, mom, television host and former Bachelorette star, shares her “clean, crisp and polished” aesthetic with her nearly one million fans and followers to enjoy on her social channels and website, offering up suggestions for everything from dresses and makeup, to parenting and food.

So, it will likely come as no surprise that Harris’ product suggestions usually sell out. And, her first collaboration with the makers marketplace Etsy, which gave people the chance to purchase some of her favourite items, was a huge hit. This summer, she’s done it again.

Hand-picking a collection of Instagram-worthy pieces from nine Canadian makers — including dresses from the Kelowna-based brand Emma Knudsen, glass straws from Brook Drabot Glass of Winnipeg, pink planters from Vancouver-based Hudson and Oak Shop and more — the collection is available online until the artisan items are all gone.

We caught up with Harris shortly after the initial release to talk about here online sharing, her summer collection and which item she’s most excited about.

Q. You’ve translated your online presence into a comprehensive lifestyle brand. Why do you think it resonates so strongly with people?

A. You’ll notice my Instagram posts on my feed are clean, crisp and polished, which reflects my brand aesthetic. However, if you watch my Instagram stories, you’ll know that this is the place where I share the raw, unfiltered, unpolished version of myself and my life. It’s where I show up with no makeup, stains on my clothes and wild hair to connect with my followers on a daily basis and that’s something people can relate to.

The crazy busy mom life — proof that not everything is perfect at all times!

Q. What has been the reaction from your fans to your Etsy collaboration collections? 

A. The JH x Etsy Holiday Collection was so well received by my followers that when the opportunity came up to create a Summer Collection we immediately agreed! I love being able to support small local businesses and this is the perfect way to get their products out in front of a number of eyes.

Q. Have you been surprised by the positive response?

A. I’m not shocked that the response has been so positive because there’s such a strong desire to support local companies these days and everyone knows the amount of work that goes into handmade and hand-painted items.

Q. How would you describe the latest collection in three words?

A. Fresh, simplistic and feminine.

Q. And how did you choose the pieces/brands to include for the new release?

A. We worked alongside five of the brands in our previous holiday collection so I knew right away I wanted to bring another version of what they offered back in this collection. As for the other four Etsy Makers, we hand-picked them based on what we wanted to bring to the collection to give it that summer vibe such as, the glass straws, scrunchies, planters and tassel earrings.

Q. Is there a piece that you expect to be a fast favourite with shoppers? If so, which one and why?

A. There has been a buzz over the Emma Knudsen dresses since I showed a sneak peek of them over on my Instagram account. We had the Jilly Dress in my last collection and it went fast so we were expecting the Emma Knudsen dresses to fly off the shelves quickly and that’s exactly what happened. The Annie Dress sold out the same day as our launch.

Q. And which item will you be using/wearing on repeat this summer?

A. It’s so hard to pick just one. I know I’ll be using ALL of the items throughout the summer as we entertain at our house regularly!

Vancouver Sun: Jillian Harris Dishes on her New Etsy Summer Collection 

Vancouver Sun: Jillian Harris Dishes on her New Etsy Summer Collection